Saturday, April 27, 2013

317/365: Winged Creatures

Today we took my husband's parents to the swap meet where we sometimes like to spend a weekend afternoon hunting for treasures. They like antique finds, so we had to show them this San Diego attraction.

I was thrilled when my husband came across these old bird and butterfly field identification guides. I've been in search of such vintage goodies for collage and as reference for painting. They're not terribly old, but do contain the lovely illustrated pictures, rather than photographs, that I've been looking for.

Who knows, maybe I'll even take up bird watching, or write poetry inspired by the lovely names of butterflies- like the Blazing Star Skipper or Red Satyr.

These books will, no doubt, provide plenty of creative inspiration. I've always had a thing for winged creatures. Someday, I hope to be one.

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