Monday, April 15, 2013

305/365: Making Room for Mistakes

Today I made:
this mistake...
so close, yet so very far away...
Yep. Again.
This is what happens when you fail to renew your AAA membership. And allow the grace period to expire by 60 days.

Wish I could say I figured out a creative way to break into my car, but mostly it was just a very inventive conversation with the AAA operator.
They took me back. Roadside assistance to the rescue!

perfection on four legs
Then I went home and took a two hour nap, snuggled my favorite boys and gave myself permission to let mistakes be a part of my creative practice. It's time to make more room for imperfection around here.

I am continually humbled by Mondays,
and my human imperfection.
Oh well...

Have a puppy.

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