Thursday, April 11, 2013

301/365: Wearable Whimsy

Today I
spread whimsy...

I have springtime allergies or a cold coming on, so I loaded up on vitamin C and a whole lot of whimsy today. I'm feeling better already.

This is handwritten text scarf #3 for a friend. I really enjoy making them, although snagging fabric, hiccuping paint pens and my mysterious inability to spell when I'm writing BIG can make it a little frustrating. It is a very personalized gift form the heart though. The three I've made so far have all been unique. This time, my friend asked me to surprise her with something whimsical.

I have a huge collection of whimsical quotes and sayings, so it was just a matter of choosing the perfect ones to make my friend smile. I fit nine happy phrases, some quotes, some just thoughts I've had dancing in my head. After compiling and writing these words, I couldn't help but smile myself. I hope they bring a dose of hope and sweetness to your day as well.

Remember that "nothing is worth more than this day." ~ Goethe
"Delight in the little things." ~Rudyard Kipling
"Dwell in possibility." ~Emily Dickinson
Step into your courage.
"Follow your bliss." ~Joseph Campbell
Believe in daydreams.
Spread whimsy.
Remember that magic is something you make. 
Trust in the happy ending. 

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  1. I received my scarf today and I LOVE IT! The whimsical quotes are I just need the right time to wear it!