Friday, April 26, 2013

316/365: Waxing and Waning

With close family in town, I am running around trying to be the perfect hostess. Leave it to those who care about you most to give you a gentle reminder...I make myself tired trying to live up to my own unreasonable expectations. They are right.

I am trying to learn, it is not about being perfect and having it all together. It's about being honest with ourselves and what we need in each moment. It's about simply doing our best and understanding that our best in one moment can look very different from what we are capable of or willing to do in another. And that is perfectly alright.

It is an ebb and flow. A waxing and waning.
For me it is a constant process of learning to let go of expectations and surrender to what is.

During my full moon howl last night, the moon gave me permission to feel full with all that I already am, to allow myself to slip gently into who I am phases.

It is a slow waxing of my creative spirit.

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