Thursday, April 4, 2013

294/365: Wild Beautiful Life

Acrylic on 16"x20" canvas
Mila Bowman 2013
Today we let go of what we had planned and made room for something even better.

For me this happened on and off the canvas.

After two last-minute location changes to this evening's
Mixed Media Spring Fling Meet-up, one of our lovely event hosts opened her home to the group.

It turned out to be an intimate gathering of exuberant, creative women. Everyone brought their own flavor of awesome to the party and I am so grateful for the mingling of souls.

Art supplies and stories were shared. Strategies were offered and experimentation encouraged.
Paint was spilled, (but we were very careful not to spill the wine ;)

We came together from many different stages of the life journey. From just stepping into womanhood, to adapting to motherhood; from career changes to brave leaps into soul searching stages- we were brought together by a common thread. We are all transitioning into more creative lives, evolving as women and as creative beings.

I actually like to think we get more than one spin, but this time around...

whichever part of the path you're on, whatever challenges or joys lie ahead,
Remember: every day you are creating your wild, beautiful life.

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