Friday, November 30, 2012

169/365: The Greatest Creation

a sketch by the's been stuck to my inspiration board
for months, reminding me that love blooms.
Today I made...

the happiest happy dance...

As far as creative spontaneous dance parties go, this one takes the cake!

Thirty minutes ago, I found out that two of our greatest friends got engaged today. He proposed on top of a volcano in Hawaii! I am dying to hear the details. Rodney and I are beyond thrilled, and reminded of the beautiful feeling that comes over a couple when they commit to a life together. It's an incredible thing when two people find each other. It's even more amazing when those people are a brilliant example of true love to everyone around them. My heart wants to pop out of my chest! Congratulations to our best man and our "sista from another mista."

I'm dancing and laughing and crying all at once! Love is the greatest creation!

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