Saturday, November 10, 2012

149/365: Travel Light

Today I made:

everything fit into one backpack...

I tell my husband I am training for our some-day backpacking adventure across Europe. I like to be prepared for anything and I always feel the need to pack several reading options, journals and art supplies as well, so traveling light is no easy feat for me. This morning I miraculously managed to squeeze all the girly necessities and artful entertainment into one itty bitty "personal item" for the weekend. Today I flew out to my old home town of Las Vegas where I met up with my five darling friends, squeezed into one packed car and drove to St. George, Utah. We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast that used to be one of the oldest homes in St. George. This weekend is is our "Goddess Retreat" and it's all about rejuvinating in each other's company.

My goddess gals are the treasured remnants of my past and an endlessly comforting part of my present. They are my teaching mentors, my mothers, my soul sisters and my confidants. We call ourselves goddesses because, well every woman is, and because we are the bearers of each other's truth, courage and creative spirits. We are all at different points of a similar path, which allows us to gain a sacred kind of insight and perspective. Together we are storytellers, problem solvers, voracious readers, life-long learners, change makers, picture takers, chocolate eaters, children's cheerleaders, dreamers, believers and strong brave women. I can be my most authentic self around them.

When you find friends that allow you to release all the parts of you that get heavy, it's so much simpler to travel light.

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