Tuesday, November 13, 2012

152/365: Creative Catch Up

Today I made:

time to catch up and reflect...

O.K., Zion I can understand, but no internet connection in St. George? So much for mobile blogging on my trip. Playing catch up tonight to share some journal entries and photographs from my weekend getaway with the girls. I'm beginning to acknowledge that the blog is often separate from the daily creative act. But sometimes, acting as a journal, it is the creative act. Most of all it's documentation of the process, the ups and downs, the inspiration and dry spells. Many nights (tonight being one of them)  this space has been a bridge between art projects, keeping the momentum going, the focus on the commitment. My past commitments have always unraveled with gaps of days. First one, then two, then a week gone by and the routine is broken. Something is different here. I'm allowing myself to continue after filling in the gaps with my best attempts- a sort of wobbly continuity. I've outsmarted myself. Finally.

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