Friday, November 23, 2012

162/365: Birthday Bliss

Today I made:

a blissful day of it...

This birthday began as they always do in our household, with my husband's morning serenade, "Happy birthday cake-in-bed to you..." (Love that guy!) The cake is always tiramisu (our favorite) and it comes complete with candles for wishing on. I managed to forget it was coming this year, so it was a sweet surprise at dawn.

I had the day to myself while Rodney worked, and I decided to spend it pampering myself with some of my favorite relaxing activities. My body was in need of a good stretch, so as the sun streamed in the bay window I managed to breath through a whole session of yoga. Next I treated myself to a massage. I'm pretty sure I melted right into the table. A visit to my favorite sea cliffs and a walk on the beach helped clear my mind. A peaceful bike ride home on the bay made it complete. Somehow I managed to turn off my busy brain for the entire day. I'm thankful for the much needed rest. I'm saving my energy (and a clean art space) for that spurt of post-birthday motivation that should be coming aaaaany minute now.

The night is young. There are birthday outfits to don, Spanish tapas to be shared and a bottle of our favorite wine to toast with. Happy birthday to me.

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