Thursday, November 22, 2012

161/365: The End of an Age

Today I made {it} to 33...

As my husband snoozed beside me in the passenger seat, belly full of Thanksgiving dinner, I drove the two hours home. We had decided last minute to take a quick day trip to L.A. to spend the holiday with dear friends. The day passed far too quickly and before I knew it, we were back on the road, but the company was worth it.

Wide awake and grateful for a bit of solitude in the dark and fog, I counted my blessings and welcomed the next year of my life. Then, with my favorite playlist to keep me company, I got my last 32 year-old groove on. There was something almost thrilling about moving at 70 MPH away from one age on to the next one. Not a bad way to begin my celebration of becoming older and (fingers crossed) wiser.

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