Thursday, November 15, 2012

154/365: The Art of Make Believe

Today I made:

myself believe that I can...

I received another tutoring request at one of my schools today. I was out of my regular teaching business cards so I offered the mom a business card from my art Meet-up group just so she'd have my contact info. She actually said that she was really interested in getting some creative enrichment for her artistic daughter!

With art programs getting wiped out in California public schools, there is such a need for this. I've toyed around with the idea of offering creative workshops through my tutoring before, but I kept talking myself out of it, thinking I'm not "certified" to teach art to kids.

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves out of fear of failure! My passion for art, teaching, empowering and inspiring is leading me to believe that this could be a good direction for me after all. The pieces are coming together naturally just as I was told they would. The path seems almost too obvious to be true. There is magic in making ourselves believe that we can.

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  1. Silly girl! You won't be teaching children art..not in the traditional sense anyway. You will be sharing art with them! You don't need a certificate or a degree to share your passion.
    Stop thinking so hard and let it all flow together, to much time in ones head leads to one to many good ideas that we convince ourselves aren't so good!