Wednesday, November 7, 2012

146/365: The Art of Friendship

Today I made:

a friend smile... (and that could very well be my favorite thing)

Don't you just love when the Universe sends someone your way to remind you that you're on exactly the right path right when you need it? I got a call from one of my favorite people in the world today and she did just that.

This particular friend came into my life when my focus and purpose were very different than they are today. Years ago, we were student teachers together and then newbie teachers at our first school. My creative passions were still dormant. We both spent most of our creative energy on building happy classrooms where children wanted to learn. Since then, she has watched me stumble and attempt to reinvent myself when the "five year plan" took on a life of its own. She has never questioned my flighty tendencies and is endlessly supportive, even when I don't know exactly what I'm doing. I so admire her energy and commitment to what she does. This giant-hearted woman has inspired so many children to be lifelong learners. And she has mastered the art of friendship. I am absolutely beside myself at the thought of being able to inspire her in return and am so touched that my efforts here have resonated with her.

No matter how doubtful or isolated or in my own head I feel some days, I need to acknowledge that this is all unfolding as naturally and peacefully as it should, just like a strong friendship does. This is the ripple effect I was hoping for. Those first few rings closest to the center help build the initial momentum and ensure that the ripples spread. Those rings are the encouraging words, the gentle nudges, the sharing of gratitude and spreading of messages by friends who believe in us. Passion grows because of them. Today my purpose behind this creative undertaking is rekindled. Thank you, Mel.

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