Thursday, November 1, 2012

140/365: I Knew You When...

Today we made:

up for lost time...

Today one of my oldest and dearest friends arrived for a long weekend visit. We met in second grade and did a lot of growing up together. We hadn't seen each other since high school (that's getting to be an awfully long time ago). We reconnected on Facebook a couple years ago and finally got to sit and chat face to face over a glass of wine tonight, sharing stories and filling in gaps.

This picture was taken before C and I grew into our teeth...
and before we grew out of: sewing doll clothes and putting on fashion shows, puff painting t-shirts, making up our own silly lyrics to pop songs, drawing elaborate treasure maps for our little brothers, designing lunch menus based on foods of a certain color, writing love letters to boys we'd never meet, and building forts that lasted the whole weekend.

I know this for sure, we will never grow out of that childhood friendship or those imaginations. I think we witnessed the birth of one another's creative spirits, back when we were young and wild and free enough to pretend to be anything we wanted to be. She is still helping me do that today and I am ever so grateful.

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  1. I'll admit to the growing into my teeth part (with a whole lot of help from a really talented orthodontist)but I have yet to give up sewing doll clothes, except now my dolls are real people that come in all sizes ans shapes! I haven't painted a t-shirt in more years than I would like to admit but I did paint entire bolt of fabric not to long ago. I will also agree with the part about helping each other grow into our own creativity.
    Sometimes we all need a glass of wine and a few hours of catching up to transport us back to the time when life hadn't gotten in the way and we could still be whatever we wanted!
    Thank you my friend for always reminding me that I can be whatever I want as long as I'm brave enough to take the plunge