Thursday, February 28, 2013

259/365: Staying Inspired

Today I made:

time to get re-inspired...

Kimberly Wilson is an artist and author I truly admire. I'm delighted to share these great resources! When I get wrapped up in my busy day to day and need inspiration and validation for my own creative life, I dip into Kimberly's creative offerings here. I have yet to explore all the gifts this awesome lady has put out in the world, but some of her offerings include a sweet little lifestyle blog, creative retreats & e-courses, and my current favorite go-tos that fit my busy schedule, Kimberly's "Tranquility du Jour" podcasts.

Sometimes she interviews artist, authors, coaches or business owners, and in other podcasts Kimberly shares her own musings on making time for creativity, finding balance and living a tranquil life. During my daily commute, while I'm cleaning the house, or on long walks with my pup, Kimberly's podcasts keep me company (yay iPhone app!) The recordings are both educational and inspiring and there is a treasure trove of topics that appeal to me as a blossoming artist. They are a lovely reprieve from my own thoughts at times that my mind might otherwise be turned over to my inner critic.

Tonight, while doing the dishes, I treated myself to one of Ms. Wilson's most recent podcasts and was reminded that there are so many others out there like me, trying to live a balanced, creative life.

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