Thursday, February 21, 2013

252/365: Hiatus

Today I made:

{it} O.K...

I have several back-dated posts from the week that are in varying stages of completion. I've been using the Blogger app on my iPhone to revise them when I have a few minutes here and there. It's been a busy week- new job, new schedule, old worries. I am tired and not in the mood to play with my art tools. I've taken a hiatus from my computer. I haven't checked my email, visited Facebook or posted my creative accomplishments for nearly a week. There is no room for guilt here though. Guilt inhibits creativity. There is however, room for fumbles and much need breaks.

The happy news is, I've been making good on my creative acts each day that I haven't posted them. Today's journal entry is a reminder that creative expression comes in many forms. If we do what we are in the mood for in the moment, even the simplest expression, it keeps us connected to our creative source. It keeps the embers burning until a big creative gust sweeps us into action.

I look forward to having my creative fire fueled again. Until then, I'm making it O.K. to take a hiatus.

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