Friday, February 8, 2013

239/365: Playing Dress Up

Today I made:
plans for the little black dress...

I sit here on my couch between accidental naps, listening to the storm and practicing self care. I really should just send myself to bed. Some strain of whatever has been going around is creeping up on me and I need rest. The energy just isn't here, no matter how much I will it.

I was contemplating small projects I could take on in my fuzzy state. All of them seem forced tonight. Luckily, I remembered a small creative act that fulfills my quota for the day.

Tomorrow, husband and I are going out on the town for an early Valentine's date. He added a little black dress to my wardrobe recently and I promised I would wear it on our evening out. Earlier today I styled my outfit: just the right heels, hose, belt, handbag and jewels. I even picked out new lipstick and eyeshadow. This is a far cry from my usual ponytail, sweater and paint under my fingernails. As my fashionable friend Casey once said, playing dress up is creative.

I'm hoping the torrential downpours stop by tomorrow night, and that I have a voice and two functioning nostrils. It's time to take that little black dress for a spin.


  1. Playing dress up is always creative and good for ones's am accepted way to step outside our little boxes! However calling me fashionable....that might be a stretch! Enjoy your little black dress...and your night out!