Wednesday, February 20, 2013

251/365: Creating Time

Today I made:

good use of my planner...

I'm pausing in between "teaching gigs" to do a little journaling and some much needed creative schedule maintenance. The new job is proving to be high impact on my energy. It's part time, but makes for a hectic schedule with my tutoring. I am absolutely determined to keep creating every day and to keep self-care high on my list of priorities, so it's going to take some fancy agenda arranging. Today I busted out my handy dandy day runner (that I purchased at the beginning of the year and have yet to use consistently) and got down to it.

I'm trying not to be too neurotic by planning everything down to the minute. I'm leaving room for spontaneity and life's little surprises, but it helps to have some idea of what I need and want to accomplish in a day. I feel more productive and efficient when I have some sort of rough plan. I'm beginning by filling in my work hours and appointments for the week, (so I can prove to myself that I have plenty of free time left- 128 hours each week, to be exact). Then I'm jotting down 2 to 4 other tasks that I'd like to accomplish in order to feel fulfilled each day. I'm rounding it out with the absolutely mandatory (and happy to do it) daily creative act, or a general time frame for my creative play.

I'm hoping this little weekly planner ritual will get me to a place where I can begin designating time to complete the action steps for me big creative goals. That was the idea in January anyway. It looks like this new job may be forcing me to get my ducks in a row this Spring. March, little ducks, march!

Note to self:
This is just a best effort. You will falter. You may fail. You can begin again the next day. Take it easy and keep making art.

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