Saturday, February 9, 2013

240/365: Stillness

Today I made:

a tough decision
(and some earrings)...

It's official. This bug got the best of me. It's a day for pajamas and quiet contemplation.

After brimming with excitement all week about a Meet-up I was supposed to attend this afternoon, I had to make the decision to stay home to rest. I so badly wanted to connect with these like-minded people for a cause that speaks to my heart. It's been a difficult lesson to learn, to listen to my body, to say no when I want to say yes, but I know I need to take care of myself. I know I need to take it easy. And I'm so grateful for the reminder I received from the organizer of the event...Divine timing will bring another opportunity.

Moving around takes the wind out of me and talking hurts my throat, so I'm choosing to sit still and quiet. Thankfully, the mind cloud lifted just enough to do a little design work on a pair of earrings I'm making for a friend, and my hands still want to make. Not bad, I guess, for a sick day. Now I need a nap.

I think tonight's date is a lost cause. Maybe I can wear my little black dress under my fuzzy winter robe, while my husband makes me tea and rubs my temples.

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