Saturday, December 15, 2012

184/365: Eleven Years of Love Letters

Today I made:
altered card by American Greetings, wisecracks by me

a love letter...

Tomorrow, Rodney and I are celebrating the 11 year anniversary of the day we met. Eleven years! That is 1/3 of my life! We lived in different states for the first four years of our relationship, so cards and letters by snail mail helped keep our long-distance love going. I miss those days of pouring our hearts into the words and making each other laugh with silly cards.

At the drugstore the other day, while looking for an anniversary card for some friends of ours, I found a little card that had some down-right perfect sentiments in it for the two of us- well, almost. I bought it with the intention of altering it a bit to make it a little more personal (and comical) and adding my own note to the back. Just sharing a peek's priiiiiivate! ;)

After my greeting card graffiti, I dug out my sketchbook and we had a staring contest. I think I feel some doodles coming on.

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