Monday, December 31, 2012

200/365: Where I've Been

Today I made:

a new album on Flickr...

I've collected a silly amount of photos of my feet. Honest, it's not a foot fetish. It all began the summer of 2010 when my mom and I traveled back to my birthplace, Poland. We stopped in Germany first to see relatives, and visited the historic city of Heidelberg, where I walked on the original cobble stone streets. It blew me away to think that I was walking where kings and queens had once stood. I was charmed by the history; I am a sucker for cobblestone streets.

Since then, I've been snapping shots of my footsies when I'm exploring new territory or even just moving through everyday life. These are no prize winning photos, but the series has become a symbol of feeling rooted and being present wherever I am on my path. I like this unique way of documenting the passing of time, the textures of the land beneath me, the colors of my clothes and any bit of whimsy that finds it's way into the frame. This odd version of self-portraiture allows me to document memories. I remember every one of these days. I plan to dig up the original photos that started the series a couple years ago (not from my iphone), to write captions for each photo, and add on to my series throughout the years.

As 2012 comes to an end, I thought this would be a fun way to look back on the year to see where I've been. This is what it's like to walk in my shoes:

Where I've Been...

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