Monday, December 3, 2012

172/365: Pockets of Time

Today I made:
the most of my lunch break...

This morning I decided to throw my old journal and sketchbook into my purse again, and I was so glad I did when the ideas began flowing mid work day. Thirty minutes for lunch and a quiet classroom were just the creative time and space I needed this afternoon. My poor paper journal has been getting slighted for months with all the writing I do here. I must admit I miss the private comfort of those pages, not to mention the space for doodling.

These little pockets of free time on busy days are especially precious to my creative commitment. I don't always have long stretches of time to work in my art space, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Integrating creativity into the natural flow of our days can mean pulling out the old moleskin while waiting for an appointment or on a quick break at work. Even a ten minute sketch or doodle session is enough to leave your mark on the day.

What pockets of time can you reclaim for creativity each day?

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