Sunday, December 2, 2012

171/365: What a Peaceful Feeling

Today I made:

a free verse poem (for my husband)...

My Dear,
I wrote you a poem this morning
To thank you
For our night jog on the bay.
All indigo sky
Reflecting on the water,
The boats with their sails
Tucked in for the night,
A hint of fog settling over
The world in soft focus.
The sound of your feet,
My feet,
Your breath,
My breath.

On the walk back
You took my hand.
Then your left arm and my right
Found their rightful places
Around each other's shoulders.
I leaned into you
And closed my eyes
For a long time on the path.
I didn't need to tell you-
I just knew you would guide me.
We were quiet, walking in the damp night air.
What a peaceful feeling
To let go of control
And trust that I am moving
In the right direction.

~KMB 2012

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