Wednesday, December 26, 2012

195/365: Art Desk Law

Today I made:
a clean start & new rule for my art space...

Since my big cleaning and organizing spree in my art space in September, things have stayed relatively user friendly, but with holidays, visitors and hectic schedules, there's just been a little more "stuff" to deal with lately. I do a decent job of tidying up between projects, but when the life clutter bomb hits, nothing gets done for days on end. It doesn't help that our house is itty bitty, so any clean surface doesn't stay that way for long in the process of this thing we do called living. But enough is enough! It's nearly the new year and I need a fresh start. So after the wrapping paper and dinner dishes from yesterday's festivities were cleaned up, I got to work in my bedroom/art studio.

In my constant effort to bring more space and time for art making into my world, there is absolutely no room for clutter and disaray in my tiny makeshift studio. On days when I have just a few minutes to make art, I need to be able to jump in and start, without having to dig my way in. There have been so many weary evenings when I may have had an ounce or two of creative output left in me (the painterly kind), but the thought of sorting through junk mail and stacks of randomness just to get to a clean, flat surface disuaded me from even starting. I often made do by bringing my sketchbook to the couch or by writing away at my lap top, but I am alway most plugged in to my creative source when I am in my happy little art making space surrounded by all my tools and inspirations. So today I made a promise to myself- no more stacks of mail, no more receipts, no more schoolwork. Even my piles of books and random bits of collected inspirations will have to find their homes elsewhere.

It is now law in my house:

Thou shall keep a clean space for creation.

If it is not an art tool that in some way contributes to my visual art output, then it is not permitted to rest on my art desk. (With the exception of one mug of tea, a candle and a vase of flowers, which are becoming kind of a ritual.)

Even my inner rebel warrior child agrees that this new rule is necessary and does not object. Thank goodness; she can be a feisty little beast.

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