Monday, December 17, 2012

186/365: There Are No Words

a merry Christmas, Rodney style (Yes, that is his mustache.)
Today we made:

our Christmas cards...

OK, maybe there are some words, mostly to explain to you how this project came to be. The other day my husband asked me to take this photo of him. "It's for a t-shirt," he explained. I laughed and agreed it would make a great Christmas shirt for work, the dorkier the better. My husband has no trouble being a dork.

When I came home tonight, he was busy doing some photo editing to achieve just the right result. At that point, we both agreed that our store-bought Christmas cards (which we had yet to send out) were no match for this hilarity. I credit him for the design, and I'm the lucky one who gets to print, cut, sign, address and mail the goods. It's a team effort here at the Bowman workshop.

The greeting is a surprise. Feel free to add your own caption. Hopefully our friends and family will get a good laugh. If not, at least we did. We're not parents yet, but I know the quintessential family photo holiday cards are in our future. We're obviously trying to live it up until then. ;)

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