Wednesday, December 12, 2012

181/365: Creativity Branches Out

Today I made:

plans for little writers...

My creativity has revolved around lesson planning for my tutoring students these days. Making our learning time relevant, meaningful and student-centered is always my goal. While I don't have my own classroom to work my magic on this year, I'm glad to find that I still get excited about creating lessons. It's always been high up there on my list of why I love teaching. It feels good to be able to support my tutoring students in making breakthroughs that help them in classroom life and in the big wide world of learning. It feels good to make even a tiny difference.

My biggest project lately is trying to figure out how to bring a writing workshop structure to my once-a-week meetings with one of my little writers. I've been perusing the web for ideas on organizing his writer's notebook in a way that would allow him to use it and benefit from it beyond our short lessons. I'm finding such great ideas on teachers' blogs (which I'd love to share once I get it all organized). I'm actually getting the itch to start another blog or website for my tutoring. Teaching, documenting, sharing...creativity branches out!

Happy 12-12-12!!

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