Friday, October 26, 2012

134/365: Sacred Places

Today I made:

time to visit a special place...

There is a place called Palisades Park on the grassy cliffs overlooking Pacific Beach and (my own personal part of) the ocean. This is one of my happy places. I try to visit often. It's hard to stay away for long. Everyone I bring here agrees, there is an energy about this place. This is where I come to breathe the deepest, to be quiet and still. I release my worries, my fears, my doubts and my responsibilities. They float away on the sea breeze. Only the most real parts of me are left. I come back to my center. I connect with nature. I am present in the moment. Even with the wind blowing off the Pacific, the sun warms my cheeks. The cool, soft grass grounds me, the fresh air cleans my lungs, the rush of the breaking waves drowns any unproductive thoughts. This place restores me.

It's not exactly private. People come here to walk their dogs, witness sunsets and wiggle out of wet suits. They park their beach cruiser bicycles, yoga mats and picnic blankets for a spell. I imagine they are all drawn by the same energy that calls me back. I hope they find just as much inspiration and rejuvenation. I hope they are reminded that we are all part of something grand and beautiful. There is room for all of us there.

Down a couple sandy steps at the North side of the cliffs, there is a little path carved into the cliff side. I like to think it is symbolic of my creative journey: steep and winding, but surrounded by so much peace and beauty. From my perch on the grassy cliffs, I can only see up to the second bend on the path. I like it that way, just being able to focus on what is right in front of me, learning to trust that the rest of the path leads to just as much sunshine.

Do you have a sacred place that you visit when you need to reconnect with what really matters?


  1. I love reading how you are doing art journaling, what a great idea.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! It feels really natural to combine the two. Do you art journal?