Friday, October 12, 2012

120/365: Travel Art Kit

Today I made:

a travel art kit...

Hubby and I are extending our anniversary celebration by escaping for a weekend camping/wine tasting adventure. Cell reception will be shoddy, so I may need to update my posts when I return, but the creativity will continue. I'm sure there will be countless opportunities for photography, nature inspired writings and wild forest dance-abouts, but I thought it would also be fun to bring some travel-friendly art supplies so I can get my mixed media on in the great outdoors.

Here's what's in my kit:

- camera
- art journal (I like Strathmore "visual journals" with 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. They hold up to mixed media and come in different sizes.)
- glue stick & mini scissors (for snipping and gluing mementos)
- sketching pencils & sharpener
- PITT waterproof black India ink pens in 4 different tip sizes
- water-soluble colored pencils
- watercolor water brush (this nifty brush has a barrel that you can unscrew, fill with water and squeeze to allow water flow through the bristles. It can blend dry watercolor pencil on paper and it can lift color from water-soluble crayons or oil pastels. Perfect for travel!)

Aside from the camera and journal, it all fits in a little zipper pouch that I can tote along with me from car, to winery, to mountain hike, to tent.

Nature inspirations, here I come!

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