Tuesday, October 16, 2012

124/365: Photography- Documenting Our Journeys

Today I made:

time to look at our vacation photos...

Playing catch-up today. It's hard to come back from vacation to day jobs and bills and to-do lists. It made for one grumpy Mila.

It was nice to sit down at the end of the night and sort through the photos I snapped on the trip. All the tiny moments I might have forgotten by now, (because "real life" seeped back into my brain the second we unpacked the car), were captured in the pictures. They brought me back to that quaint old wine town and the peaceful forest where we camped. Someday we'll return there, let our feet get dirty and our hair smell of campfire. We will marvel again at how quiet it gets at night and we'll stare at a patch of sky until we all see the same shooting star.

The travel art kit I packed didn't get much use. I'll save it for my jaunts around town. But I'm starting to think there's something more to my obsession with light and shadow and storytelling photos.
My latest photos have inspired happier thoughts and maybe even a little poetry. It's a good reminder that photography is a simple way to appreciate the ordinary moments in our lives, to help us notice the beauty in the little things and bring back the sparkle that caused us to take notice in the first place. Vacation photos or everyday life photos- they are both about documenting our remarkable journeys.

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