Tuesday, October 23, 2012

131/365: An Attitude of Gratitude

background art piece: mixed media encaustic & image transfer
Today I made:

some creative reframing of negative thoughts...

1) It's too early to be awake. -------->  I love starting my morning with pumpkin coffee!

2) Boo to the morning commute! -------->  The sunrise over the bay is breathtaking!

3) 4th graders are whiny! -------->  4th graders make me laugh.

4) It's too chilly to walk the dog. -------->  Hooray for fuzzy socks!

5) My art space is lonely tonight. --------> It's time for a meeting of the creative minds...

It's not always easy to look on the bright side, but even a little effort diminishes the not so awesome in our days. Make a little room in your heart for the creative and transformative practice of gratitude.


  1. Sounds like somebody has a case of the BLAH's. Here's my list hope it helps or at least makes you giggle a little
    I hate early mornings....but only if it involves going to work
    Ugh the drive to work is boring.....but at least I didn't get stuck behind a tractor or a combine again.
    I can't comment on #4 it's rarely to chilly here to walk the mutts and they have a rather large back yard to play in when I feel lazy
    My studio looks like a bomb went off in it.....Oh well I've made some really pretty things this week....maybe the mess will clean itself!

  2. hehe! Giggle I did! That's exactly what I mean. We can learn to catch ourselves when the negative thoughts form (which they inevitably will) and reframe them into something positive or even comical. I think being able to laugh at ourselves is one of life's greatest skills.

  3. Hi Mila! Loved this post... How was the Meet Up at Balboa this weekend? I was very bummed I missed it... Let's see, how can I reframe that. Hmm... I was very bummed to miss the event but now I am even more excited for the next one? That works! ;)