Wednesday, October 17, 2012

125/365: Seven Truths About Today

Today I made:

a list of truths...

My husband and I have this phrase that we use, when we need to expose what feels the most real at the moment. No matter how scary it is to admit, no matter how vulnerable it leaves us, when we're ready to drop our guard and give ourselves permission to experience every way of being on the journey and to share it instead of keeping it bottled up. It's kind of a "get ready, this is my serious face" type of question. It always feels better after, so here goes...

"Can I tell you a truth?" (or seven?)

1) This is hard (this staying energized in my creativity)
2) I am tired
3) and overwhelmed with choices (and juggling too many things)
4) and uncertain of where to focus and how to proceed
5) and a little dried up
6) and a lot burned out
7) and still hopeful that I'll make sense of it...

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