Thursday, September 20, 2012

98/365: Swoop In, Destroy, Swoop Out

Today I made:

yet another mess...

This evening I talked hubby into building an awesome spin-the-wheel game for our Art on the Bay Meet-up scheduled for this Sunday. It took him two hours to work his wood shop magic. It took me two minutes to coat our backyard in a fine mist of spray primer. (I blame it on the breeze and the poor lighting.) The sidewalk, my flip flops, hubby's work shirts that were hanging nearby- all primed. I managed to get some on the wheel as well.

My husband has lovingly dubbed me "Destructor" because I'm a pro at making messes, spilling things, breaking breakables, and causing general havoc to my surroundings. I'm not exactly proud of my rhino in a china shop reputation, but I like to think it's not hurting my art in any way. I think perhaps this is why I gravitate towards mixed media, collage and abstract painting. It's vastly more forgiving of my haphazard creative bursts. I don't know about fine art, but I can make one fine mess.
Swoop in. Destroy. Swoop out.

I'm off to paint our spin-the-"Color Wheel," armed with a tarp and apron.

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