Thursday, September 6, 2012

84/365: Hanging Inspiration

Today I made:

a design line...

Still plugging away at my calendar pages. I've never had this many pieces going at once, so it's been a lesson in organization keeping them all straight. The bits and pieces of the series come together willy-nilly and I find myself sorting them and designating piles of little elements for each month of the project- a photo here, a text snippet there, a color swatch to tie it together. I invariably get an idea for another one of the pages as I work out a design or rummage through my supplies. Pretty soon my art desk is all a-clutter with ideas that I couldn't possibly take on all at once. My tiny art space does not have room for piles!

So I'm finally putting my inspiration wire- my design line- to good use. I've been clipping page notes and corresponding pieces together and hanging them on a length of chord that stretches across the wall of my art space. Things stay tidy and organized and enough out of the way, but they are within sight and reach so I can add bits and pieces to each page as I get inspired. This is essentially the same as tacking things up on an inspiration board, but my line works well for my twelve mini projects. I'm starting to see it all come together!

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