Monday, September 3, 2012

81/365: Jigsaws and Sun Dresses

Today I made:

progress in the wood shop...

The sun drew us out today, but still in my play clothes, I did make a bit of progress on my cigar box ukulele. After some careful measuring I was ready to cut the channel to set the neck into the cigar box body. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike taking precise measurements? A lot. I actually marked my measurements on the wrong side of the box and had to do it all over again. Measure twice, cut once,  right? Though I did discover a nifty contraption called a combination square that lets you measure at perfect angles. That made things a little easier. When hubby is not looking, I'm going to borrow it for my art space to measure photo mattes.

I was rewarded for my patience with my first go at a jigsaw. Have I mentioned how much I do like power tools? I've always been intimidated by them- with all their loud noises and sharp blades- but I must say I'm finding it to be a very empowering experience.

It is quite clear to me now that I have taken on a project that is going to take time, patience and skill (the latter of which I hope to acquire along the way.) This is not slapping paint on a canvas and calling it art. This will require fine craftsmanship. The greatest thing I took away from today's session at the work bench is the idea of leaving a creative project in progress at a point where you know exactly where you'll pick up the next day. This practice will transfer beautifully into my art space. From now on, to keep from feeling stuck and wondering what to work on, I'm going to end my creative sessions with a plan for the next day. Showing up to make art will be easier when I have a specific task to look forward to.

Here are today's wood shop adventures. Sorry for the dark pictures. They don't call it a man "cave" for no reason.

jigsaw training

cigar box ukulele, day 2

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