Sunday, September 16, 2012

94/365: The Whole Shebang

Today I made:

framed word art for the birthday girl...
mixed media on canvas board, framed 25"x7": collaged paper, acrylic, ink & oil pastel
copyright Mila Bowman 2012
Here it is in it's finished glory. Hubby helped me construct a frame. (I can't make a 90 degree angle for the life of me.) We cut down inexpensive lattice molding and assembled it with wood glue. I stained it myself. My fingernails are now black. (Hello gloves!) The frame allows all five pieces to hang together and makes it look very official. I'm pretty delighted with the result. Hope the birthday girl likes her gift.

My schedule has been pretty packed this week, so it was nice to have relatively short art projects to commit to each day. I got my creative out and I got to practice some mixed media background techniques. While fairly simple to create, each piece is a mini work of art on its own and I think they come together quite nicely as framed wall art. It's great to have a mini project option when I'm short on time. I can just make random mixed media letter art and piece them together to make words as I go.

Not sure if it's the writer in me or my ongoing obsession with typography in design (most likely both), but I'm finding that blending mixed media with text is a great expressive outlet for me. I'm think it's becoming my signature style- a very happy discovery! There will surely be more word art where this came from (maybe in my future Etsy shop?!!)

What's YOUR favorite word?

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