Saturday, September 8, 2012

86/365: Everything Will Be OK

Today I made:

a note to self... 

watercolor paint and India ink on watercolor paper, 8"x12"
original sketches & hand lettering; "BE OK"= letter stamps


  1. Hello, Miss Mila! I'm Jenna... we haven't met but I signed up yesterday for the Encourage MeetUp event that is in a couple of Sundays. Saw your blog address listed- it is lovely:)

    So awesome to see someone so comfortable and positive about being expressive and enjoying creativity simply for creativity's sake. I've always wrestled with creative urges, lots of over-analyzing and all that. At the end of the day, art is in everyone and is meant to be shared. You really have an inspiring site here, so thanks for sharing!

    See ya in a couple of weeks at the park!


  2. Hello, Jenna! Thanks for visiting my little creative space and sharing your kind words. I'm so glad to hear that you're finding inspiration here and delighted you found us on Meetup. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and hearing more about your creative journey. Jessica and I are thrilled that our tribe of artsy pals is growing. I've done a fair share of wrestling as well, but I'm starting to see that's part of the process. It helps to have like-minded folks to talk it out with. Love your profile intro statement. I think there's lots more inspiration coming our way!

    See you in a couple weeks :)