Saturday, September 22, 2012

100 Days of Creative

There is bouncing and shouting and celebrating happening at my house today! This day marks 100 suns and moons into my commitment to myself. I am 100 days in to my 365 Days of Creative project.        
100 days!!! I must say, I am very pleasantly surprised with myself.

To commemorate this day, I invited everyone I know into my little world here, and I made...

The Top 10 Greatest Things About Living the Creative Life:

my kind of manicure
10)  Manicures come cheap...

9)  Cooking becomes art.

8)  The dishes can wait.

7)  Boredom is not an option.

6)  Priorities shift; hours are gained that weren't there before. Time is made for someone very important: yourself.

5)  Mistakes turn into happy accidents and learning opportunities.

4)  Awareness heightens and appreciation for the little things grows.

3)  Decision making and risk taking is practiced with a paint brush.

2)  Spirits get liberated.

and the numero uno greatest thing about living the creative life....

I created this life!


  1. It feels like yesterday when you committed to this and were freaking out the next day...wondering how the heck you were going to achieve this. well you are! That's awesome and keep it up!! You are definitely a motivator for me to get in gear as well and I appreciate that soooo much

    1. haha! I remember that day very clearly...and I remember how you talked me out of my freak out. ;) I'm lucky to have an art partner like you on my side. oxoxo I've never seen that pic of you- love it! Will you be using the old blog?