Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inspirations to Affirmations

My inspired action art session from earlier this month turned into a fun (and so perfect in my life right now) idea. I'm a little behind on sharing, as I've just gotten around to part two of this project, but I am very excited at the prospect that this could be a series!

During my mark making play time I recalled a friend telling me about how she wipes excess paint off her brushes into her art journal as she paints, allowing the layers to build up on a page over time. She then uses the spontaneously colored pages in her later work, as whole backgrounds or in pieces.

This was one of those ideas I filed away in the ol' mind tank and totally forgot to put to use in my own creative practice, but my mark making session was the perfect opportunity! I had purposely avoided working on a blank canvas that night and went for some random pieces of left-over card stock. Way less intimidating and it turned out to be just the right choice for what my scissors needed to do next...

view the full original piece (and it's step by step birth) here

I was not terribly attached to this mixed media piece as a whole, despite the fun I had making it. Inspiration struck when I realized I could cut the finished piece into a "deck" of cards for all those affirming phrases I've been gathering in my journal. I've been working with affirmations lately as a way of keeping myself in a positive state of mind and empowering myself through a difficult transition. I'll share more about the process of using affirmations soon. For now, here are my first in the series. Each one written on the back of one of the cards:

~ I am willing to change and grow. 
~ I am free to make a daily effort in support of my creative life.
~ Everything I need to know is revealed to me.
~ Everything I need comes to me in the perfect time and space.
~ There is nothing I cannot be, do or have.
~ All is well in my world.

Do any of those affirming phrases resonate with you? I'm really loving my new Affirmations Deck! It's been very inspiring the past couple days to shuffle through the index card-size mini paintings, each one its own little work of art. And it's been very affirming to turn them each over and read the words that I've written.

On to the second set in the series! :)


  1. So incredibly cute! I am actually teaching an affirmation card class at an Art Retreat in October in South Carolina. we will be using vintage ladies:) And I ALWAYS take my left over paint and ink and swipe in my journal pages. Thanks for sharing your work!!


  2. MIla...I am currently working on my 52 week blogging course Being Me as you may know. But I have become STUCK in my art...not sure where I am going with it. As I have spent much time on your blog this morning I think I am gonna challenge myself to your 365 Day Art Challenge. I REALLY LOVE the idea!! Sooooo....thanks for sharing!! Thanks for being so honest and real in your blog posts. I TRULY am enjoying reading all 365 days...I have a ways to go...but I am loving it!!!


  3. Aw, thank you so much, Leslie! It's so wonderful to know that my creative musings inspire others. That's part of the grand intention, along with inspiring myself ;)

    Yes, I have been bad about commenting, but I'm following your 52 week journey. You could have fooled me, feeling stuck in your art ;) So much eye candy! I am alway inspired by your words and your mixed media techniques. Keep it up, Leslie! And yes yes yes, do a 365! I'm here to cheer you on. It was a game changing experience for me, for sure. I actually have a friend here in SD who just started hers. Today is day 3 :) Check it out! You can keep each other company: