Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barefoot to the Sea

Where do inspired actions (and poems) come from?
The words spilled out with every step...
Run, girl, run 
Barefoot to the sea.
Ankle deep in Autumn waves,

Stand and let it be.

Feel the tug at your feet.
Feel it on your soul.
Stand and witness nature.

Know that you are whole.

Run, girl, run
Onward towards the caves.
Stand grounded on the solid rocks
Washed smooth by salted waves.

Continue walking north, girl.
Don't question why you came.
With each step you are guided
To the next right rock, the next.

See that stone? The speckled one,
Put it in your palm.
Carry it beyond the Point.
Find solitude and calm.

Choose a rock that fits your frame,
Knees bare beneath the sun,
And sit with all the feelings
'Round the changes soon to come.

Then make your way down to the place 

Where sea and earth collide.
Gather up all fears and doubts
Brewing up inside.

Now cast the stone into the sea.

My how your soul can throw!
Drop from your heart what does not serve.
Release, make space, let go!

This is why you were led here
By instinct pure and true,
Believing that when you arrived 

You'd know just what to do.

This full moon ceremony,

A sacred act of healing,
This is the turning point, dear child,
The path ahead revealing.

The prayers you breathed into the night
I heard them loud and clear.
Your call for help is answered
Surrender all your fears.

Now sitting there with tear-stained cheeks

Drying in the sun,
Give up the fight, release it all-
You have already won

Your right to stand on solid feet
To dance on lifted toes
To rejoice the coming days
For in your heart you know

You will be carried safely back,
Just like that stone, to shore.

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