Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Art of Giving a Hoot

It's been a while since I've put brush to canvas. Today I got a glimpse of my wily muse while putting brush to ceramic.

One of my tutoring students turned 16 today! (I feel old.) I took her to a paint your own pottery studio to celebrate her budding creativity. This cute little place is just a couple blocks from my house. I've driven by it dozens of times since it opened, but didn't think it was "my thing." Finally, my hypothesis has been confirmed: If you've lost your muse, do something out of your ordinary creative to rekindle the spark.

We had the best time picking out our ceramic pieces, and experimenting with paint colors and stencils. I painted this darling little owl for the birthday girl. The lacy flower design is actually a lace stencil technique that I learned today. I'm dying to try it out in my mixed media paintings. Can't wait to see my piece glazed and fired. I'm all fired up to get back into my art studio now!


  1. I have experienced a similar thing, Mila. When I feel uninspired, I just move on to something else and suddenly my muse is jealous and sparks right back to life!! Cute Owl!

  2. Haha- jealous muse! That's a great way of putting it! Our muses can't help but show up if we do, right?