Friday, June 22, 2012

8/365: I Deserve a Cookie!

Today I made:

a reward system...
Another night of hammering away at the ol' business plan. My dog is wondering why I'm doing so much whining and muttering under my breath. While writing a business plan certainly qualifies as creative, I must admit, I'd rather be painting or beading or sorting photos or art journaling or reading books that don't have the word "spreadsheet" in them. When it comes to planning and writing, I typically have a really strong work ethic. I usually can't tear myself away until it's done. But this thing makes my brain hurt! If anything, I'm learning the importance of taking a break and balancing my creative tasks. So I had to come up with a system- something to reward myself for my productivity and keep me from pulling my hair out.

For every 40 minutes that I spend working, I get a seven minute break away from the computer. (I like random increments of time.)

Breaks may include:
- any art that strikes my fancy (and can be dabbled with for 7 minutes- this doubles as my daily creative goal!)
- spontaneous dance party with my favorite tunes (gets my creative juices flowing)
- playing with my dog (puppy love soothes stress)
- my favorite stretches (These usually also involve the dog since he sees me on the floor and thinks it's an invitation to play.)
- ice cream (7 minute portions! :)
Breaks may not include:
- whining and complaining about having to get back to work
- Facebook (that dangerous vortex of time)

I'm hoping that having a little treat to look forward to between marketing analysis and operational plans keeps the avoidance behaviors and unproductive daydreaming at bay. I will do just about anything for seven minutes alone with a bowl of ice cream.

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