Friday, June 15, 2012

1/365: She Had to Begin

Today I made...

Just after 6:00 this morning, I woke to the sound of an idea banging around in my head- and everything was different. I’ve rarely been so excited to get out of bed, but today there was an energy.
I had a big purpose. I had a plan for my daily art practice!

My intention: to participate in one creative act.
Each. And. Every. Day. For 365 days.

I'm putting my commitment in writing and marking my calendar. I'm starting with my blog- my online journal, a camera to document it, and a $2.00 calendar I purchased at Staples today. (Deal!- because who buys a 2012 new year calendar in June?) The only other things I need are my eyes and heart
w   i   d   e       o   p   e   n, 
ready to catch myself in a creative act.

I’m beginning today and I will continue tomorrow and the tomorrows after that, for one whole year.
Wish me luck! Comments are welcome. I am not historically great at making commitments to myself, but this one I intend to keep. A commitment is a beginning, and I've been much better at beginnings lately...

I made a small piece of art a few weeks ago using a technique where I just paint over a page from an old book to give my background some interesting texture. Upon close examination of the finished piece, two short lines of text popped out at me- four small words. It was completely unplanned in the composition, (which is what makes it so meaningful for me- like my art is trying to tell me something!) It's so fitting of the theme and so fitting for this day.  If you look closely, you’ll see it- about eight lines of text over from the left, just under the crook of my thumb where the new paragraph starts, one line under the other:

“She had
 To begin”

She had to begin. Today.


  1. Cool!! Love this. Painting in old books is one of my favorite things too. And using old book paper in my work.

  2. Don' you just love this telling little snippets of text that pop out at you?