Tuesday, June 26, 2012

12/365: I Heart Snail Mail

Today I made...

an art card for a friend.

I get nostalgic for the time before
email and text, when we sent news and greetings through the post.
Getting mail from a friend always
puts a smile on my face.

My love for snail mail inspired this little card, the first of a line I'm working on. Gotta love a little envelope filled with sweetness just for you.

"I Heart Snail Mail.."
mixed media: ink, colored pencil, patterned paper


  1. I very much love this idea! I to miss getting real mail. I still check the mailbox everyday on the way in from work but unless a birthday or a holiday is approaching I am usually greeted by the usual assortment of bills, grocery store adds, unwanted new car offers, and of course my husbands assortment of "guy stuff" catalogs selling everything to military stuff to the latest tools.
    I personally try and make a point of sending a random card or surprise to a friend or family member at least once a month if for no other reason than I love to get Happy Mail so I assume that everyone does. Keep up the good work lady I love your card designs!

  2. Thanks sweets! Yes, spreading the love with Happy Mail and trying to keep my friendly neighborhood postman in business. Can I designate you as my "sample card" recipient? ;)

    1. I would love to be the sample card recipient! I'll add you to my monthly happy mail rotation!