Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Am Still Here

Hope flutters in
On gossamer wings.
My eyes follow it skyward.
Face to the sun, blue in my eyes.

There is nothing I need more than this moment.
This stillness, this space, this peace fills me up,
Almost to the point of forgetting
All the chaos that is now behind us.

Leaves rustle on the orange tree in our new backyard.
Someone hung the old wind chime. It sings of home.
I have come home to myself,
And I find my words, my wishes, my spark
Right where I left them.

I just want You to know, I notice it all.
With gratitude spilling out in salty tears,
And laughter.
The tensions escape my body any way they know how.

I just want You to know, I recognize.
This was all to help me see
That I am stronger than I know,
That the lessons are not forgotten,
That I am still here inside all of the changes.

Hope flutters in. I breathe in the possibilities.
This day begins a new season of my life.

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