Sunday, December 29, 2013

Every Blade of Grass

Every blade of grass has its Angel 
that bends over it 
and whispers, 
"Grow, grow."
                                                                                            - THE TALMUD

Can you hear your Angel whispering?
Nudging you to grow
Towards your greatness,
Towards your light?

I wonder, can you hear her?
And does it send chills down your spine?

These days, for me, the whispers are getting louder
and louder still.
And when I take a moment to acknowledge
that I am surrounded
by angels and guides and great sources of inspiration
who know far more than me
how this will all play out,
I feel a sense of peace
deep down to my core.

The chill down my spine is my intuition waking.
Small miracles stir in my subconscious.

If I were a blade of grass
I'd be unfurling, 
reaching skyward
to answer the call.

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